Elegant GNOME Pack: Stylish Theme

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The aptly named Elegant GNOME Pack transforms the Linux desktop into a design experience. The icons are sleek, classy, and easy on the eyes. The wallpaper reads “Great Design isn’t Good Enough”. This pack hits the nail on the head: I want my Linux desktop to look awesome, and I want it to be dead simple… Read more »

Flying Toasters screensaver in latest Ubuntu

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For whatever reason, the beautiful flying toasters screensaver is no longer part of the default set. Luckily, it can easily be reinstalled as part of the xscreensaver-gl-extra package. Just run the following: [Translate]

It is done!

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Some of you have commented on my posts slowing down. For the past year, most of my time has been devoted to producing the album for my band, Power Pirate. Now that that project is wrapping up, I can spend some more time with Ubuntu! What have I missed? Comment and share your favorite new… Read more »