A Bit of Housekeeping

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Mike’s Ubuntu Blog now has a Facebook page to help keep you updated. If you’re interested in staying in the loop, get on board. [Translate]

Elegant GNOME Pack: Stylish Theme

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The aptly named Elegant GNOME Pack transforms the Linux desktop into a design experience. The icons are sleek, classy, and easy on the eyes. The wallpaper reads “Great Design isn’t Good Enough”. This pack hits the nail on the head: I want my Linux desktop to look awesome, and I want it to be dead simple… Read more »

How to add a new radio stream to Radio Tray

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Reader question from Domm: I just got this too but how do you add radio stations to the list? It won’t let me add typical URLs I just came back from New Orleans, so I’ll test this on the wonderful WWOZ station. From Wikipedia: [Translate]

New Website, New URL

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You may have noticed the new website. If so, that means you’ve read the blog before. Cool! I’ve had a few hours of downtime today, but everything should be up and running smoothly. My new home is mikesubuntu.com. I’ve got some more actual ubuntu-related posts coming up, too. I just thought this was worth mentioning…. Read more »

New Computer, New Ubuntu, New Topics

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Just finished a fresh install of 10.04 on my Lenovo ThinkPad W510 (4319-2PU). I am blown away. Linux has come so far in the past year. This new release looks better than ever, and it is the fastest operating system I have ever used. There are, however a few things I’m going to be looking… Read more »