Cardapio: Simple and Powerful Menu

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I have been a fan of Gnome-Do for a long time. Mac users have been used to having programs just a few keystrokes away with Quicksilver search, and Windows joined the fun with its newly designed start menu in Vista and 7. Cardapio simultaneously simplifies the gnome menu and delivers easy hotkey searching. From Cardapio’s… Read more »

MyNotex: Note-taking, plain and simple.

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MyNotex is a cool little program for note taking. I have been searching for a program like this. I would just use Google Notebook, but not all of my classes are in areas with WiFi. I have experimented with many open source note taking applications, but I haven’t been thrilled with them. They usually feel… Read more »

How to Change Grub Boot Order

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Let’s say you have Ubuntu and Windows installed side-by-side, and you usually use Windows. By default, Ubuntu is the first option, so you have to scroll down to select windows every. time. you. power. on. your. computer. Might as well try to change the order once and for all. To do this, install a little… Read more »

Battery Status 0.1: Battery Applet With More Features

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I like to know how much time I have left on my laptop battery in Ubuntu. It’s nice to see the time remaining in the corner of the screen. Sure, the default applet shows the time on hover, but hey: this is Linux. Why shouldn’t it work how I want it to? [Translate]

Radio Tray: Simple & Elegant Radio

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I just discovered this simple little radio player this morning, and it has really brought my desktop to life. It is not meant to replace a full-featured media player by any means. Radio Tray has one goal and one goal only: to have a straightforward radio player with minimal interface, making it easy to use. It is… Read more »

How to: Set Up MySQL Database in Amarok

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I found myself complaining about the slow speed of Amarok. Everything would lag, from playing a song to adding a song to the playlist. Then i remembered when I was setting up Amarok that it let me chose a database, and said the faster ones required extra set up. Of course, I chose the no… Read more »