Elegant GNOME Pack: Stylish Theme

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The aptly named Elegant GNOME Pack transforms the Linux desktop into a design experience. The icons are sleek, classy, and easy on the eyes. The wallpaper reads “Great Design isn’t Good Enough”. This pack hits the nail on the head: I want my Linux desktop to look awesome, and I want it to be dead simple… Read more »

Awesome Ubuntu Theme

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I came across a post in the Ubuntu Forums that had an amazing theme. Check it out. As far as I know, this is the same guy who makes Pinguy OS. I first read about Pinguy OS on this Reddit post. I’ve just put together a gtk-metacity and iconset. Could someone give it ago and tell… Read more »

How to: Set Up MySQL Database in Amarok

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I found myself complaining about the slow speed of Amarok. Everything would lag, from playing a song to adding a song to the playlist. Then i remembered when I was setting up Amarok that it let me chose a database, and said the faster ones required extra set up. Of course, I chose the no… Read more »