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My computer has a big screen, and the Aero window-snapping feature works beautifully. With it, you can drag a window to the edge of the screen, and Windows will then automatically resize the window to half the width of the screen, positioned on the side. This is great for window management. Today I was looking for a way to do this in Ubuntu using Compiz and I found one in a forum post on

Let’s do it:

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This plugin existed long before Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill feature was announced in a YouTube Video.

The plugin is called Resynthesizer, and it works much like content-aware fill.  Read more »

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The Tetris clone that comes standard with gnome is hard-coded to have 14 columns. That’s a LOT. It makes the game much harder to lose, and much easier to drop the piece in the wrong place. 

I might as well go all out and play it here: ridiculously huge flash Tetris game

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The brightness controls on my Lenovo ThinkPad W510 were not working at first. The display was stuck on a really bright setting which was tough on the eyes. I asked a user on UbuntuForums to help.

He showed me what to do, and recommended the ThinkWiki page for the W510.

Here is the fix:

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I tried iTunes in Wine again today to follow up to my optimistic post back in 2007. Unfortunately, I would say I did not have much luck. The installer did work well, and the application did launch. I had the program lock up almost immediately, and had no luck finding a workaround.

I’m sure that every time the Wine developers make an improvement, Apple throws in some more tricky code. As it is now it’s not working well enough to use on a regular basis, but much of the key functionality is there.

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The new Ubuntu theme looks great [screenshot], and now the window navigation buttons are on the left. Mac users might welcome this change, and perhaps there is an argument to be made for this arrangement. Either way, I am used to having the controls on the right, and I am sure I am not alone. Switching this up is easy.

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