Chrome Auto-Scrolling

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For whatever reason, Google Chrome in Linux does did not come with auto-scrolling. Auto-scrolling is usually triggered when the scroll wheel or middle mouse button is pressed. Luckily, there’s an extension for that. AutoScroll Extension [Translate]

Number of Columns in Tetris/Gnometris/Quadrapassel

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The Tetris clone that comes standard with gnome is hard-coded to have 14 columns. That’s a LOT. It makes the game much harder to lose, and much easier to drop the piece in the wrong place.  I might as well go all out and play it here: ridiculously huge flash Tetris game [Translate]

iTunes with Wine Part II

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I tried iTunes in Wine again today to follow up to my optimistic post back in 2007. Unfortunately, I would say I did not have much luck. The installer did work well, and the application did launch. I had the program lock up almost immediately, and had no luck finding a workaround. I’m sure that… Read more »

New Computer, New Ubuntu, New Topics

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Just finished a fresh install of 10.04 on my Lenovo ThinkPad W510 (4319-2PU). I am blown away. Linux has come so far in the past year. This new release looks better than ever, and it is the fastest operating system I have ever used. There are, however a few things I’m going to be looking… Read more »

It is done!

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Some of you have commented on my posts slowing down. For the past year, most of my time has been devoted to producing the album for my band, Power Pirate. Now that that project is wrapping up, I can spend some more time with Ubuntu! What have I missed? Comment and share your favorite new… Read more »