Improved: Pretty Firefox buttons in gnome / kde

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I put together some simple commands to install improved firefox buttons in ubuntu. I take no credit for creating the icons or the script, just making it uber-easy to install by feeding you the exact commands. Originally from this thread. There is a much improved version out, and I am updating the commands to match…. Read more »

Awesome Ubuntu Wallpapers!

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Check out the proposed and concept wallpapers for gutsy! This page has been around awhile, but now its got loads to browse through.. a must-see! note: this artwork page has been taken down since the release was so long ago. [Translate]

Ubuntu Gutsy Tribe 6

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I’ve been using Gutsy since tribe 4, and its been a constantly improving experience. I recently went through several major updates in Tribe 5, which are supposedly ubuntu tribe 6. Noticed improvements include: new wallpapers ‘leave message’ option on lock screen speed, reliability happy linux’n! here’s my current up to date desktop: [Translate]

mindmapping tools: freemind and kdissert on Ubuntu (or any debian-based OS)

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lets do it! (i believe this only works in feisty, not gutsy) download em wget wget wget wget wget wget then become super user sudo su then install em sudo dpkg -i libforms-java_1.0.5-3_all.deb libjcalendar-java_1.2.2-7_all.deb freemind_0.8.001-4_all.deb freemind-plugins-time_0.8.001-4_all.deb freemind-plugins-svg_0.8.001-4_all.deb freemind-plugins-help_0.8.001-4_all.deb Alternatively, you can install kdissert (mind mapping for kde) sudo apt-get… Read more »

Kde quick review

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After a few days of getting used to kde, I find I prefer it to gnome. I found it was not that different, and thus an easy switch to make. The toolbars are way more customizable… that was the clincher for me. Happy Linux’n [Translate]

Compiz Fusion Fix

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I managed to get compiz fusion working in kde now… here’s the thread: [Translate]