Chrome Auto-Scrolling

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For whatever reason, Google Chrome in Linux does did not come with auto-scrolling. Auto-scrolling is usually triggered when the scroll wheel or middle mouse button is pressed. Luckily, there’s an extension for that. AutoScroll Extension [Translate]

Number of Columns in Tetris/Gnometris/Quadrapassel

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The Tetris clone that comes standard with gnome is hard-coded to have 14 columns. That’s a LOT. It makes the game much harder to lose, and much easier to drop the piece in the wrong place.  I might as well go all out and play it here: ridiculously huge flash Tetris game [Translate]

New Website, New URL

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You may have noticed the new website. If so, that means you’ve read the blog before. Cool! I’ve had a few hours of downtime today, but everything should be up and running smoothly. My new home is I’ve got some more actual ubuntu-related posts coming up, too. I just thought this was worth mentioning…. Read more »

iTunes with Wine Part II

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I tried iTunes in Wine again today to follow up to my optimistic post back in 2007. Unfortunately, I would say I did not have much luck. The installer did work well, and the application did launch. I had the program lock up almost immediately, and had no luck finding a workaround. I’m sure that… Read more »

Move Window Controls

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The new Ubuntu theme looks great [screenshot], and now the window navigation buttons are on the left. Mac users might welcome this change, and perhaps there is an argument to be made for this arrangement. Either way, I am used to having the controls on the right, and I am sure I am not alone…. Read more »