with ipod and ubuntu

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I tried a few ways of scrobbling my ipod play counts, before finding amarok. At first, I used Rockbox, which created a log I could upload to a site that would scrobble the tracks to my account. I switched back to mostly using the Apple Firmware for various reasons, but had trouble scrobbling my… Read more »

ipod vs Ubuntu: The Struggle for Perfect Synchronization

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I have been struggling to get my ipod to work properly in ubuntu for the past couple of weeks… here are some useful applications, with their pros and cons. SongbirdPro: Full ipod sync including entire media library and all playlists with two clicks click (right click on ipod, click update ipod)Con: Buggy program, still under… Read more »

My Theme and Compiz Fusion

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Wondering how you can get the pretty desktop you see in all my screenshots? Here is how I assemblede this fresh, blue theme. Install Compiz-Fusion Go to theme settings and set the theme to “Glossy” Download and install this icon theme Download this wallpaper Install Avant Window Navigator ( sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator ) Delete… Read more »


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On a fresh install of Ubuntu, I find myself needing more packages for various things… here is an ongoing list of the packages I install. Just copy and paste this into the terminal to install them. sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser subversion build-essential checkgmail nautilus-open-terminal ruby compizconfig-settings-manager flashplugin-nonfree cgmail music-applet epiphany-browser I install as an alternative… Read more »