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What is

According to their “About Us” page:

PlayDeb is an unofficial project with the mission to provide the latest open source and freeware games for the current Ubuntu Linux release, in an easy to install manner.

The PlayDeb repository extends the official repositories by providing latest versions and new games. Unlike the official packages, PlayDeb packages do not have a predefined release schedule – new game versions are provided as they become available from their authors.

tl;dr: This site makes the latest games easy to install in Ubuntu.

Cool. Now what do I do?

To get started, run the following code. This adds their game repository to your system.

sudo echo ‘deb lucid-getdeb games’ >> /etc/apt/sources.list

Then, run the following to add its key.

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add –

Update your sources

sudo apt-get update

Browse the website for a game. [] When you have selected one, click “Install This Now.” It will begin installing to your system. Depending on the game, it could take a while to download. When it’s done, run it, and enjoy!