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This tutorial uses an awesome program called tovid. First install tovid and its dependencies:

sudo apt-get install txt2tags mplayer mencoder mjpegtools ffmpeg python-dev python-tk python-wxgtk2.6 python-imaging imagemagick dvdauthor vcdimager transcode sox normalize-audio

sudo dpkg -i tovid_0.30.2-1_i386.deb

If you are uncomfortable with the terminal, you can use the GUI (should now be in your applications > sound & video menu).


  1. ‘cd’ to the directory with your video file (if you need help with this, then I do not recommend the terminal mode, but rather the graphical mode described below)
  2. Type this command to begin converting the video & audio for a widescreen TV in the eastern hemisphere. This uses the NTSC standard. If this is not what you want, type “tovid –help” in the terminal and read carefully. Run this replcing ‘yourvideo.avi’ with the file name of your video:

    tovid -wide -ntsc -in yourvideo.avi -out converted.avi

  3. From here on out, im just following the instructions of the program, but i’ll list everything:
    1. It asked me if I wanted to keep temporary files, I just hit enter, which deletes them.
    2. Then I get

      Your encoded video should be in the file(s) /home/mike/converted.avi.mpg.
      You can author a disc with this video on it by running:
      makexml /home/mike/converted.avi.mpg -out MyDisc
      makedvd MyDisc.xml
      You can also use todisc or makemenu to create menus for your disc.
      See the manual pages (i.e. ‘man todisc’) for more information.
      Thanks for using tovid!

    3. So I copy + paste “makexml /home/mike/converted.avi.mpg -out MyDisc”
    4. Then it tells me to run “makedvd “MyDisc.xml” and i respect its wishes
    5. Finally, it says “makedvd -burn “MyDisc” which will burn the disk! make sure a blank dvd is in your drive!

Its pretty straightforward really. Just open up the tovid gui from Applications > Sound & Video and follow the instructions.