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Here are the firefox addons I usually ‘add on’:

  • Stumbleupon – a nice little add on for when I get bored… Click stumble and it takes you to a web page. The page could be anything. From videos to pictures, and games to blogs. Click ‘I like it!’ or the thumbs down, and it will change the sites you are more likely to ‘stumble’ ‘upon’
  • Dowload Statusbar Just shows downloads in the statusbar at the bottom of the window, rather then a whole new window. Neatens things up a bit.
  • Google Browsersync Synchronizes my cookies, saved passwords, and bookmarks between multiple computers. It saves a copy of all the data on google servers, and then you just add the addon on another computer, and it will ‘sync’ your ‘browser’
  • CookieSafe Denies all cookies, unless you specifically tell cookie safe to keep them.
  • TabMixPlus Adds a little ‘x’ to every tab, because for reasons unknown to me firefox sometimes chooses not to put them there….
  • Full Screen Homestarrunner makes animations on the homestarrunner website take up the full browser window. This is a must.